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About Accurate Pro Services

Our Founder

Hi I’m Richard Garay, founder of Accurate Pro Services. I served as a wheeled vehicle mechanic for 8 years in the U.S Army.  After my service I returned to San Antonio, Texas where I was born and raised.

During this time, I had a lot of time on my hands. I would constantly volunteer to help my family with handyman projects in order to make up lost time while I was in the service.

Through my experience in volunteering, I  discovered there is a shortage of professional business with integrity and accountability.

I am as a homeowner and have experienced calling a business to service my home and someone arrives in regular clothes, poor hygiene and poor attitude.

They normally do poor work or damage something else while fixing what they came for and taking no responsibility for it.

That is why I decided to start a business that is run by professionals to serve the city of San Antonio and surrounding areas at a fair reasonable price.

We started by offering Dryer Duct services because it’s the most forgotten home service that can be deadly if not maintained.

We now have grown to offer exterior cleaning services including pressure washing/ soft washing.


Years in the Army


Homes Saved


Vents Cleaned

Community Responsibilities

Accurate Pro Services is highly educated in the importance of a proper dryer duct system, and because of this we place the responsibility of insuring quality duct service is accessible to those who can’t afford it, on us.

We accomplish this by seeking nonprofit organizations and fund-raising events, to fund the ability of our services to reach veterans, educators, first responders, the disabled, seniors, and single parents in need.

If you are interested in helping our cause, then join our Facebook page and other social media sites where we will share opportunities to do your part.