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We will have certified dryer exhaust technicians on stand by for your peace of mind.

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    Community Responsibilities

    Accurate Pro Services is highly educated in the importance of a proper dryer duct system, and because of this we place the responsibility of insuring quality duct service is accessible to those who can’t afford it, on us. We accomplish this by seeking nonprofit organizations and fund-raising events, to fund the ability of our services to reach veterans, educators, first responders, the disabled, seniors, and single parents in need. If you are interested in helping our cause, then join our Facebook page and other social media sites where we will share opportunities to do your part.

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    a certified dryer exhaust technician will evaluate your dryer duct by using top of the line equipment


    A certified dryer exhaust technician will use the necessary equipment to safely dislodge and remove


    Our certified dryer exhaust technicians are properly educated and equipped to repair, modify

    Emergency 24/7

    We will have certified dryer exhaust technicians on stand by for your peace of mind.


    Accurate Pro Services offer a range of accessories from necessary to innovative and to downright flashy.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Every service is different; therefore, the time of completion varies. The length of the dryer duct, the difficulty level of access to the exhaust vent, and the type of service being performed are a few but not all the variables that determine how long the process takes.
    The U.S Fire administration recommends you clean your dryer vents at least once a year.
    Dryer ducts are one of the most neglected parts of homes across the U.S and have been proven to be dire many times in the past.

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